Complete McOmber Readers Program


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Includes: Sets 1-10, 1 Teaching Guide & 1 Box

This program includes:

A total of 52 McOmber Readers, 52 Writing Activity Booklets divided into 10 Sets, and a Teaching Guide.

Each Set includes 5 Readers and 5 Writing Activity Booklets except for Set 10. Set 10 includes 6 Readers and 6 Writing Activity Booklets plus a bonus book.

  • Sets 1-5 introduces the short vowels.
  • Set 6 introduces the long vowels with an e at the end of the word changing the short vowel sound to a long vowel sound.
  • Sets 7-10 introduces and reinforces intermediate skills of vowel patterns such as: ee, ea, ay, ai, igh, ew, oa, ow, ou, au, aw, oi, oy, oo as well as common prefixes, suffixes and sight words.
  • Bonus Book “Champions” after Set 10 reinforces high frequency words for further reading enhancement.
  • Teaching Guide gives detailed instruction on teaching with great resources.


(Each set is valued at $20)

Set 1: Short ‘a’ Vowels

Set 2: Short ‘i’ Vowels

Set 3: Short ‘o’ Vowels

Set 4: Short ‘u’ Vowels

Set 5: Short ‘e’ Vowels

Set 6: Silent ‘e’ at the end

Set 7: ee, ind, ea, all, ai

Set 8: ay, igh, ing, ew, oa

Set 9: ow, au, aw, ou, ow, ir, ur, er and Learning Numbers & Colors

Set 10: ar, or, ong, ang, ung, oi, oy, ould, oo, and Suffixes, Prefixes & High Frequency Words


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